What is a Unique Bride?

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What is a Unique Bride? Aren’t all brides unique?

Yes, to some degree all brides are unique. After all, you are individuals. But, some brides picture duplicating all or some of the major elements from a wedding they’ve seen or attended. Or, they want the traditional floral arrangements, popular colors and conventional white dress. Nothing wrong with that. It’s your special day and it should be they picture you envision.

However, being a Unique Bride takes it a step further.

In our book, some of the things that make a unique bride include:

  • She is not caught up by conventional trappings
  • Understands and plans for her guest’s comfort while not necessarily following Miss Manners to the “T”
  • She sets trends instead of following
  • She embraces individuality and personality
  • She seeks opportunities to be different in many areas of her wedding (decor, food, attire, jewelry, ceremony, etc…) making her stand out from the crowd
  • She wants her wedding to be personal, custom, a reflection of herself and fiance

and many more little ways that make her different, funky, unusual and just plain unique from the masses of brides that get married each year.

A unique bride may want to have many DIY elements and be very active in the planning and doing of her wedding rather than hiring it out. She may have a distinct picture in her head and hire the right vendors to bring it to fruition.

The word “Unique” is defined as:

  1. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics
  2. having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable
  3. not typical; unusual

Does this describe you and what you want for your wedding and reception? Do you find elements from many different weddings you want to bring together for your unique event? Do you have a theme that is not mainstream or traditional?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are a Unique Bride.

We just want to say “Welcome”.  Take a look around and get some inspiration from Unique Wedding Ideas. Check out our categories like

and more.

Have a question? Use the contact form and ask away! We’ll use our combined experience to come up with an answer for you. We hope we can inspire you for designing and planning your Unique Wedding!

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About the Author: With 20+ years in the wedding and event industry, I have seen a lot of unique, unusual and funky weddings. Every one of them were a journey of discovery and a reflection of the bride and groom. I had a ball and am now passing along some of those pearls of wisdom to today's brides and grooms. A wedding is personal -- it's about the two of you and your relationship -- let's make it as unique and offbeat as you each are! .


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