Wedding Decorations for Rectangular Tables | Part 2

In the first article, Wedding Decorations for Rectangular Tables | Part One, we learned how to set a rectangle table. Since the shape is different from the standard round, you actually have less room for decor. This means coming up with non-standard place settings to allow room for decor.

In this article, we are going to address decorating a rectangle table. Follow along for ideas and suggestions.

Best Decor Style for Rectangle Tables

Table linens:  Table linens are an important part of your decorating budget. They can make a huge impact on the overall visual effect if you get a bit creative. Have some fun with table linens for your rectangle tables — they are more versatile when it comes to linens than round tables.

One way to add a splash of color or texture to your rectangle table that won’t take away valuable table real estate is to use a runner. On top of the table cloth you have chosen, consider adding a table runner that is complementary, bold, continues your theme or of a unique fabric or substance. Some ideas?

  • Fabric – Burlap, cheesecloth, woven bamboo, lame’, lace, any print or pattern that goes with your theme or mix prints and patterns for a definite unique look. Almost any type of fabric will work.
  • Use an unexpected item as your table runner — doilies stitched together, strips of ribbon, stamped fabric strips, bandanas, napkins laid in a diamond shape, placemats, etc…
  • Use a couple of square linens in a diamond shape as an overlay. Change the texture and/or color. Use a sheer for a more romantic feel or opaque for a bold look.

This will lay a nice, contrasting or complementary base for your centerpiece and/or table decor. Take a look at some of the ideas in the drawings below.

diamond overlay table cloths

Here, two square linens are used as overlays and a napkin placed in the center. The top and bottom points of the diamond lay over the end of the table.

diamond napkins as overlays

On this diagram, napkins are run down the center in lieu of a traditional runner. They can be different colors or all the same but contrasting and complementary to the table cloth.

doilies as runner

doilies as runners 2

In these next two examples, doilies are stitched together in two different arrangements to create a runner. This is perfect for a vintage or retro theme.

ribbons as runners

Here, we use 4 patterned, 2″ wide ribbons as a runner. Using different but complementary patterns makes it very visually interesting.

vertical runners

And, finally, who says a runner has to run the length of the table? Here, they are placed across the width instead of end to end. It’s a bit unexpected, different. That’s why I like it!

Centerpiece/Table Decor:

Think in the multiple decor items or elongated centerpieces category. For example, keeping in mind that the height of centerpieces should be lower than 15″ or higher than 24″ to stay out of the sight line of table mates, you can use a taller item in the middle and flank it with 2 lower items on each side — multiples.

space for centerpieces - rectangle table

Or, choose a lower, elongated grouping of items, a floral container or candle holders peppered along the table for your centerpiece. Below are some photos from The Knot to get you inspired to create something that is truly unique to you and your special day.

formal style centerpiece


florals and candles as centerpiece


floating candle centerpieces


rustic wedding centerpiece
For help with choosing the right sized table linens, see What Size Table Linens Do I Need? 

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