Unique Winter Wedding Themes

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I need your help. My daughter recently got engaged and she wants to do something different for a winter wedding. Can you offer her any suggestions with out taking us all out in the snow and cold? Thanks, Agnes.

Agnes, first congratulations on your daughter’s engagement. As the mother of an engaged daughter, too, I understand how much you want to help your daughter plan out her perfect wedding. There are wonderful ways to create a unique winter wedding indoors. Traditionally, pale blue and white are considered the winter colors, but take that a step further. Dark blues like royal or navy can add a unique twist to a winter wedding. Dark greens work great, too. Think pine trees for this one.

Another great color scheme to work with is red and white for winter weddings. The rich purples make great colors for winter weddings. Lighter colors tend to go well for warm weather weddings, but cold weather weddings can be stunning with dark colors.

If you daughter and her intended enjoy outdoor winter activities, consider a theme that brings that activity indoors. Skiing, for example, can be an indoor wedding theme. Use miniature skis as part of the center pieces and decorations. Even setting up the reception area like a ski lodge will bring the theme to the wedding.

Then consider appropriate winter foods and drinks to serve. Hot toddy and hot cocoa are some examples.

Lots of other themes work as well. Look at things like a carnival theme, even in the winter. Carnival in the Snow, with fake snow as part of the decorations can work great. This is a time to let your and your daughter’s imaginations loose. And have fun in the planning!

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