Place Card Holders by Theme

These branch themed holders work great for table names or table numbers. They hold the identifier up high enough, your guests won’t have to search to hard to find their table. They are available in 8″, 12″ or 15″ heights, making them very versatile.

These are available in many different heights and styles. The only word of caution I have, is watch using the round ball table number holders. They are not weighted very well so once a card is placed in the holder portion, they become top heavy and have a tendency to tip over. A table number holder with a flat and weighted bottom will usually work best.

Likewise, place card holder help your guests find their seat at the table. They are often used as favors as well as place card holders.

Unique Place Card Holders by Theme

Place card holders are very handy to use so that guests are sure to find their reserved seat at their table. They can also do double duty as a favor guests can take home from the wedding. Some brides even use the taller versions to hold their table name/number cards so guests can find their table.

They can be sat on strategically placed pieces of furniture or tables and used to hold signage that will help guests identify different elements at your wedding (ceremony area, reception area, cocktail area, restrooms, etc...). Use them to hold an instruction not for your guests (Please sign our Guestbook or "Bar will be closed during Dinner", etc...)

You can find a lot of uses for this handy little items. Additionally, you can use them to carry your theme through your reception by choosing holders appropriate to your theme. Below are place card holders grouped by theme. Find one that you like and click on the image for more information!
Modern Style Themes
Bling ~ Place Card HolderBlack and White Damask Place Card Holders12 Place Cardholder Modern Cube
French/Paris/New Orleans Themes
Attractive Fieur Di Lis Place Card Holder FavorsEvening in Paris Eiffel Tower Silver-Finish Place Card HolderBourbon Street Streetlight Place Card Holder with Coordinating Place Cards
Asian Themes
Good Fortune Fortune Cookie Place Card Holder (Set of 4)12 Modern Double Happiness Place card holderLaughing Buddha Place Card Holder
Tropical or Beach Themes
Ocean Breezes Palm Tree Place Card HoldersMiniature Folding Beach ChairsShining Sails Silver Place Card Holders
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