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My fiance’ and I love movies — old, new and everything in-between. Our wedding will incorporate a lot of elements from Hollywood and the movies.

I’m stuck on centerpieces. I don’t want just flowers or candles. I want the centerpieces to tie into the theme. Do you have any ideas for fun and unique Hollywood themed centerpieces?

Darlena & Mike (bride and groom)

First of all, I love a Hollywood theme for a wedding or any event! I also love that you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing with this theme — you are unique.

I have some resource articles I will point you to but let me start with suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

They are a myriad of directions you can go with this theme. You didn’t mention what decor you are incorporating already so here are a few ideas from different veins you could follow:

  • Premier or Awards theme
  • A theme centered around a particular movie
  • Old Hollywood movies — black and white, romances,
  • Elements from Wedding movies — Father of the Bride (old or remake), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Runaway Bride, etc…

With movies, you can go anywhere you want. One of my favorite ways to make unique and different centerpieces is to create groupings of items that convey a theme.

With the awards angle of the theme, you could name your tables after “Best Picture” winners throughout the years. Each table’s grouping would feature items that remind you of the movie featured. More explicit ideas (and photos) are in this article, Old Hollywood Wedding, but here’s the “Titanic” themed table to give you an idea:

hollywood theme titanic

We made the iceberg (12″) out of wire and paper mache’ and then painted it white and used gray for shading. The ship is a replica kit we bought and put together. The necklace on the iceberg is a replica of “The Heart of the Ocean”. The table cloth was black but we added a blue stain overlay in sort of a puddle in the middle.

The rest of the tables were named for other “Best Picture” winners throughout the years and we used items that conveyed the movie as the centerpieces.

Thinking outside the box — beyond flowers and candles (though you can add them as an element to the grouping) — is a lot of fun and one way to ensure your wedding centerpieces will be unique. And, unique is memorable!

Shop at thrift and antique or vintage malls, flea markets, yard sales, your home, grandma’s house. You will still need to buy some new items that aren’t available 2nd hand (like the Titanic kit we used), but you could save a lot of money.

I used containers labeled for the name of each table and shopped for about 6 months. Each time I found an item that would work for a certain table, the item went in the box. Think in odd numbers (at least for the main elements)  when creating groupings — they are more pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few more Hollywood Theme Ideas – Resources:

Movie Theme Ideas

Hollywood Cocktail Area Decor Ideas

Hollywood Entrance Decor

Hopefully, you are brimming with ideas now. Congratulations and best wishes Darlena and Mike!

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