Have Your Ceremony and Reception in One Room and Still Make a Grand Bridal Entrance

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You can have your cake and eat it, too.  A grand bridal entrance is doable when you have a large single room to hold both your ceremony and reception. It’s a matter of the arrangement.

I was lucky enough to manage a very large single room venue. It was a historic opera house. The ability to wall off part of the room was not even thinkable with the 3 story height of the room itself. Still, I had many brides who wanted both the ceremony and the reception held there. No matter how unique or offbeat the bride was, she still wanted to make that grand entrance.

Set up the arrangement of the room is how you achieve this and how I did on countless occasions. If you’re room has a stage, that’s the perfect place to hold the ceremony. Add a small set of steps or ramp from the floor to the stage right in the middle. That makes it easy for the bride and groom to get onto the stage right in front of the guests. Arrange the ceremony seating on the dance floor or the area right in front of the stage. Then set up the reception area at the back of the room.

Once the ceremony was over and the guests started moving to the reception area, my staff and I moved in quickly (and quietly) and removed the ceremony seating. Then it was ready to be the dance floor for the reception. When we had a larger guest list, the chairs were moved from the ceremony area to around the reception tables. It worked quickly and smoothly, allowing the guests and the wedding party to have a great evening with both the ceremony and the reception in the same room, with plenty of aisle space for the bride’s grand entrance in her unique bridal gown.


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About the Author: Experienced as an event coordinator and wedding planner for an historic building venue, I had the joy of helping many brides design just the perfect wedding. Most were unusual, many were offbeat, and some were downright funky, but all were unique. I used that experience to help 2 of my daughters plan their dream weddings, and am now helping the third which may turn out to be the most offbeat of all. Join us on this journey of discovering your perfect wedding, no matter how unique, unusual, funky or offbeat you want it to be. .


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