Dessert Tables for your Unique Wedding

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unique wedding dessert tablesDessert tables are all the rage at weddings and other events. Why not? Dessert is usually one of the favorite things that guests look forward too. (A dessert reception is also growing in popularity.) How can you make it unique? By taking inspiration from others and creating your own version. No, it’s not a new idea but you can stand out from the crowd. Make it unique, funky, offbeat and just different by paying attention to the style -theme, colors used, desserts offered and the set-up.

Style – Theme of your Dessert Table

If you have chosen a theme or certain style for you wedding, follow through on the dessert table. If your theme or style is old fashioned, vintage, or traditional — reflect that in your dessert table. If your theme or style is more modern, contemporary or cutting edge, reflect that. (See set-up below.) Use items you find around the house, at grandma’s from yard sales or discount stores to accent your table in your chosen theme or style. These are the finishing touches and details that guests will notice and remember as unique and different.


Use your chosen color scheme in the linens, decor and even the desserts you offer. A monochromatic design can be very powerful. Or, go in a different direction and chose opposite colors that will really make the table pop! Use a color wheel to find the complementary colors to your chosen colors to get the best visual effect for this type of opposite display.

Dessert Selection

You can really be different here. Instead of the traditional cake or cupcakes, offer family favorites, childhood favorites or just off-the-wall selections. Bite sized, small portions or bowls full of luscious puddings or mousse work very well on a dessert table. This allows your guests to take a sampling of more than one dessert — and they will! Ideasdessert tables

  • Macaroons
  • Brownie bites
  • Individual tarts
  • Homemade Banana Pudding
  • Cobblers
  • Favorite Cookies
  • Cake Pops or Balls
  • Homemade Canapes
  • Mini Cinnamon Rolls
  • Homemade Candies like fudge, divinity or peanut butter balls
Lot’s of these things can be made ahead and frozen. Then, just thaw before the reception, arrange in a dish and your ready to go. Don’t forget to offer some sugar free options for those with health problems/reasons.


Set-Up of your Dessert Table

Get your creative on! One of the things that will make a dessert table stand out is your personal touch. Homemade options, accents from your home and theme or style decor.

The easiest way to figure out what it will look like is to do a dry-run. Choose your menu. Label the serving dishes you intend to use and then build. Start with your linens. Don’t be afraid to overlap or layer different colors and patterns. Make use of your vertical space by using tiered stands and tall accent pieces.

Modern dessert tables are usually sleek in lines and minimal in accent pieces whereas, traditional buffets use lots of fabrics, accents and different shaped tables. Speak to your venue — find out if they have serpentine, horseshoe or an oval table you can use for your buffet table. The shape alone can make it different, offbeat, funky or just out of the ordinary.

When you are happy with the arrangement, take a few photos. That way it can be recreated by anyone as long as the linens, accents and dishes are available.

Here are a couple of photos for inspiration: modern dessert table

dessert tables

See more wedding dessert tables on our board at Pinterest!  Unique Buffets & Dessert Tables

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